Polar Series

The POLAR SERIES of Heater Air-Conditioning systems designed for the harsh conditions found in Mining above and below Ground are available in many sizes and arrangements!

These units are perfect for Heavy Construction, Mining, Gantry Cranes, Oilfield Equipment, Military or anything that is Mobile in High Ambient Temperatures and working in harsh conditions!

POLAR Systems available from 200 VAC – 600 VAC 50/60 Hz

Companies concerned about the longevity of their equipment and the Health & Welfare of their employees will be pleased to know the “POLAR SERIES” uses Patented “Sy-Klone” Merv 16 and Hepa Filtration Technology to supply Clean Air into the Cabins where People & Equipment are present.

We can meet and exceed “MSHA”, “NIOSH” and OH & S Air Quality Requirements when installed using the guide lines of the “International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers”.

Polar Units

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