Hydraulic Mining Air Conditioner


Polar is excited to introduce our latest Fully Hydraulic Air Conditioner in our DigAire line, to the Mining Industry!

The Polar DigAire series of air conditioning systems are designed for the rigorous requirements of the mining and Military industry. They are suitable for heavy equipment such as shovels, dozers, haul trucks, loaders, excavators, drills and underground equipment applications!

Built to last, the DigAire helps you get better performance from your operators by creating a comfortable environment that is dust free and temperature controlled. Because of its modular one-piece construction, the unit is exceptionally easy to install and swap out between machines, with minimal downtime.

The DigAire requires little maintenance because of its corrosion and vibration-resistant construction, and it can be installed virtually anywhere!


  • 100 % Hydraulic Air Conditioning
  • No electrical power required
  • Works well in ambient temperatures exceeding 55°C / 130°F
  • Designed for hazardous environments
  • Manufactured with MSHA rated components and tailored to your working environment
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 20,000 – 50,000 BTU/hr systems!


  • 5” Heavy Duty ducting kits
  • Lid-mounted safety tread plate
  • Remote mount filter / cab pressurizer
  • In-cab controls
  • Universal air plenum assembly
  • Vertical mounting

Why Choose DigAire?

  • Creates a comfortable, dust free environment for healthier, more productive employees.
  • Easy to install and swap out ; there are no hoses to run, compressors to mount, or refrigerant charging required.
  • Designed to operate in high ambient conditions
  • Designed to withstand corrosive environments
  • Extremely rugged—manufactured for vibration resistance
  • Exceptional reliability


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