P-8500 Ultra Air

P-8500 Ultra Air

Designed for Mobile Emergency Field Hospitals/Military Command Centers, Temporary Buildings, Tents — Anywhere you need clean, purified, conditioned air!

The P-8500 System circulates & processes the interior Air of a structure while adding filtered conditioned Ambient Air to pressurize the enclosure above atmosphere (leakage depending) to keep particulate out!

With safety in mind, the P-8500 features an Emergency Containment System “ECS” that can be activated during a possible release of contamination inside an enclosure. In this situation the P-8500 shuts down the main Blower and reverses the fresh air system.

Air is then discharged from the enclosure through Hepa 99.97% @ < 0.5 Microns Filtration to bring the enclosure into a less then Atmospheric Pressure.

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  • Modular Unit in 304 Stainless steel Housing
  • Skid Mount Movable by Forklift / Crane
  • 200-480 Vac 3 Ph 50/60Hz with Soft Start Technology
  • Polar Digital Thermostat Controller
  • Heating Electric: 55,000 Btu’s (16 kW)
  • Cooling 6 Tons 72,000 Btu’s (21Kw) @ 75F/24C (WB)
  • Air Conditioning Copper/Copper Anti-Microbial Resistant Coils
  • Radial EC- PWM Process Air Fan 0 – 2600 CFM (4400 M³/h)
  • Brushless PWM Condenser Fans with TimedReverse Air to Clean Coil
  • Four Stage Air Purification:
    • Sy-Klone Series 9000 Ejective Makeup Air Intake with CF2 Hepa Filtration
    • Merv-8 Re-Circulation Pre-Cleaner Filter
    • Hepa Filter 99.97% @ < 0.3 Microns
    • Ultra Violet Air Sterilization UVC 254nm /UVV 185n
  • Remote Interior Panel – Pressure Indicators & ECS Switch• Stainless 12” (305mm) Duct Interface Panel