P-9977 Rooftop Series

Digital Automatic Control System with high output cooling capacities engineered for ambient temperatures of 50°C / 122°F


Heavy Duty, High Capacity A/C unit for use in Oil Field, Mining, Military and Off Road heavy equipment and much more! Designed for rough environments and extreme high temperature conditions found around the world! Built to last, and designed to eliminate operator fatigue by creating a comfortable cab environment!


P-9977-H-24P Rooftop HVAC 24vdc (Requires Remote Compressor)
P-9977-H-24HD-OC Rooftop HVAC 24vdc Integral Hydraulic Compressor Open Centre
P-9977-H-24HD-CC Rooftop HVAC 24vdc Integral Hydraulic Compressor Closed Centre
P-9977-H-24ED Rooftop HVAC 24vdc Integral 24vdc Compressor System


  • 32,000 BTU / HR or 9 kw @ 80oF / 26.7oC Wet Bulb Cabin Air @ 95oF / 35oC Ambient
  • 20,000 BTU / HR or 5.8kw @ 122oF / 50oC Ambient
  • Heating Capacity: 30,000+ BTU’s/hr at 180OF (81OC) Engine Coolant temperature
  • Cab Air Flow Rate 490 CFM, 320 CFM & 245CFM / 3 Speeds Auto or Manual
  • Requires 30 amp fused circuit @ 24vdc (Full Load)
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction for vibration & corrosion resistance
  • Copper/Copper Anti-Microbial High Capacity Coils
  • Automated Digital Control System
  • 29” (73.66cm) x 35 1/2″ (90.17cm) x 12 1/2” (31.75cm)


  • Sy-Klone RESPA ®- CF Cab Pressurizer Filter System with Cab Pressure Monitor
  • Sy-Klone RESPA ®- CFX Cab Recirculation Filter System
  • Engine-driven Compressor
  • Hose Installation Kit
  • P-9976 Heavy Duty Polar Hydraulic Compressor Drive


  • CSA 22.2 NO.210, CSA 22.1 .12, (ASHRAE 79 part II & 84 PART I )
  • ASTM A 213/A269 and A1016, SAE J206A and UL Standard 1063
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