P-7200 Ultra Air

P-7200 Ultra Air

Featuring SY-KLONE’s CF2 & CFX Hepa filtration.

Keep Your Operators Safe and Comfortable!

Powered Precleaner removes 90+% of dust and ejects it out of the housing BEFORE it reaches the Hi-Efficiency filter. Fresh, clean, heated air is delivered to the cab in a positive air flow.  The Pressurized Cab Keeps Dust OUT

This Model Includes:

  • Sy-Klone CFX H13/35 Hepa Air Filtration <0.3 Microns @99.97%
  • Sy-Klone CF2 H13/35 Hepa Air Ejective Filtration <0.3 Microns @99.97%
  • Glycol Coolant Pump Rated 70L/Min with a 5 Meters Vertical
  • Delivery of 20L/Min Glycol-Air Heat Exchanger
  • 28,000 BTU/8kW
  • Includes Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization to Battle Bio-Aerosols
  • Available in 12vdc or 24vdc
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