Transport Refrigeration Solutions

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Industry experts have estimated that nearly one-third of perishable goods never reach their destination because of inconsistent cooling.

What is the solution? Polar Mobility’s Transport Refrigeration Systems! Get on board with transport refrigeration solutions so that your business does not spoil. Supplies like food, flowers and other perishables must be transported in a unit with controlled temperatures. With Polar Mobility, you can guarantee your products arrive fresh and market-ready every time.

Do you have a produce delivery truck, need to deliver blood to a medical facility or just need to get food delivered to your camp up North?

Whether delivering produce, transporting vital medical supplies, or ensuring food reaches remote locations, our comprehensive range of refrigeration solutions caters to all vehicle sizes – from compact vans to extensive long-haul trailers. With the rise in demand for reliable transport refrigeration, Polar Mobility offers both diesel-driven and vehicle engine-driven units tailored to your specific needs.

Are you worried about the extreme temperatures you have to deal with on the road?

Facing the challenges of extreme weather conditions? Whether braving the -50 degrees of the Arctic or the scorching heat of a summer wave, the last thing you need is to discover spoiled goods. Polar Mobility’s transport refrigeration units guarantee the maintenance of precise and consistent temperatures for your cargo, safeguarding against health hazards like salmonella and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Refrigeration units remove heat from inside the fridge compartment, allowing the products to remain at the necessary temperatures when they leave the supplier.

How does a transport refrigeration unit work?

There are 3 components to a transport refrigeration unit.

  1. The Evaporator: This section houses tubes filled with cold liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, converting it from a liquid to a low-pressure gas. This process effectively removes warmth from the compartment, keeping your goods cool.
  2. Compressor: Elevates the refrigerant to a high-pressure gas, driving the cycle forward.
  3. Condenser: This device utilizes outside air to expel heat from the refrigerant gas, transforming it back into a liquid state ready to continue the cooling cycle.

Transport Refrigeration Solutions from Polar Mobility

When you choose a Polar Mobility transport refrigeration unit, you’re investing in the safety, quality, and reliability of your transport operations. Let us help you maintain the integrity of your perishable goods, ensuring they arrive just as intended, regardless of the journey ahead. Browse our extensive transport refrigeration solutions catalogue to solve your cooling problems!

Transport Refrigeration Units/Parts

Polar Mobility stocks and manufactures several transport refrigeration units and parts to solve your cooling problems!

Can’t find it? We’ll manufacture it to your specific needs. Contact us today!