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Air Conditioning, Transport Refrigeration, Heating, & Ventilation Systems

Our Air Conditioning, Transport Refrigeration, Heating, & Clean Air Ventilating solutions are supported by Polar Mobility’s first class installation, training and maintenance programs worldwide.

Polar is developing and promoting new technologies targeting environmental problems and the need to curb costs through innovation! Protect your Human (Operator Health) & Equipment Assets- Engines, Turbos and HVAC Systems!

  • For complete cab comfort use “Polar Quality Cabin Air Systems!”
  • Reduce operator exposure to harmful particulates “Polar Quality Cabin Air Systems!”
  • For equipment working in a High Temperature or Corrosive Atmosphere? “Polar Vortex”
  • Need an HVAC system that can handle fluctuating 50/60hz voltages? “Polar Vortex”
  • Need a non-explosive air conditioning solution “Polar FH Series”
  • Need cab Air-Conditioning for a machine with installation and system mounting issues?
  • Need a Small to Medium Transport Refrigeration system? We have them!
  • Looking to increase the air filter life for your equipment “Sy-Klone Technologies!”
  • Looking for idle reduction and sleeping comfort for Highway Vehicles?
  • Looking for Mobile heating solutions? “Polar Fuel Fired Heating solutions!”


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