Van & Trailer Conversions

Are you just starting out and want to convert your van or trailer into a refrigerated unit?

It can be done, and Polar Mobility can supply you with refrigeration options to help get you delivering your products. Converted transport vans and trailers use electric refrigeration units to keep storage units cold. Whether you are transporting flowers or food, you need your product to arrive fresh and healthy. Polar Mobility has units to keep your cargo area at the ideal temperature regardless of the outside weather.

Are you in the medical industry?

Conversions of vans and trailers allow the safe transportation of disaster and emergency relief supplies, vaccines, blood and cadavers.  It is important that all conversions have the below components:

  • Hazard analysis
  • Sanitation
  • Monitoring
  • Preventative controls
  • Recordkeeping
  • Corrective actions written into a Preventative Controls Plan

Polar Mobility is situated in Alberta, the only province that has a registered trade “Transport Refrigeration Tech”.

Technicians are highly trained individuals with the skills to keep you operating no matter what type of industry you are in. You can rely on Polar products to keep you and your items safe.

Government inspections are required for food suppliers such as meat packing plants to ensure the safety of product storage and loading temperatures within clean environments. With Polar Mobility’s van and trailer conversions, you won’t need to worry about spoiled food or unusable medical products because with the proper temperature from a high-quality refrigeration unit, you’ll keep your cool.

Van/Trailer Conversion to Refrigeration Units/Parts

Polar Mobility can help convert your van or trailer with the help of our extensive line of units and parts.

Can’t find it? We’ll manufacture it to your specific needs. Contact us today!