Different Types Of Commercial Mobile Equipment Air Conditioning/HVAC Units And Systems

Each mobile air conditioning/HVAC unit and system is engineered and designed for a specific use - whether it’s for on-highway vehicles or off-highway equipment. In Canada, whether you’re in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, or Ontario, mobile equipment air conditioning and HVAC units are crucial for industries like construction,...


A Message To Our Clients

In 1981, we began providing research and development assistance to Canadian and US Military Mobile Equipment Operations in the Arctic. Little did we know, this was the humble beginnings of what Polar Mobility is today. Over the years, our company has grown into a leading supplier of heating, air conditioning,...


Increase The Efficiency And Safety Of Your Mobile Heating Unit With Fuel-Fired Parts

Many industries rely on commercial fuel-fired mobile heating parts including construction, remote worksites, warehouses, distribution centres, and more. Fuel-fired heaters are one of the most reliable mobile heating solutions that protect equipment and workers in even the most frigid temperatures. However, each work environment presents different challenges and requirements for...