Engine Air Pre-Cleaners

It’s important to protect your operators from exposure to harmful particulates. What is the solution?

Perhaps you work in the construction or agricultural industry and are concerned about the dust and airborne toxins in the environment. Do you also want to increase filter life and prevent costly maintenance downtime due to clogged machinery? You need to implement a pre-cleaning filtration system. Polar Mobility designs and manufactures air pre-cleaners for cabs and engines. Pre-cleaners come in powered and non-powered high-efficiency filtration. Both forms work to remove airborne dust and debris before it reaches the main filter. Choosing a powered version will provide a more advanced form of filtration.

What does an engine air pre-cleaner do?

  • Removes up to 90% of air-borne debris before entering the filter, reducing air contamination.
  • Decreases fuel consumption, therefore, increasing fuel efficiency through clean air
  • Extends the life of the oil filter
  • Reduces breakdowns
  • Minimizes oil usage
  • Protects components of the engine
  • Lengthens the lift of the HVAC system and cab electronics
  • Reduces operator exposure to harmful particulates, therefore, protecting the health of the operator

Are you looking for a solution that will increase productivity and decrease operational costs?

An engine air pre-cleaner will do exactly this. Below is an example of why you need to install a pre-cleaning system in your machinery.

Workers in the agriculture industry go out every day to take care of their land and crops. Chaff from wheat grains get stuck in the heavy farming machinery causing the machinery to slow down and fail.  This frustrates the operators. They have to stop what they are doing to clean out the system in order for it to work properly so they can continue their job. Having to clear the system causes a halt in production, wasting approximately 1-2 hours. By installing engine air pre-cleaners to the equipment, the main filter continues to operate at capacity allowing the workers to continue production for about 3-4 days without touching the filter. Downtime is eliminated. In turn, your costs are lower because you are paying your workers for production time, not wasted time. Fewer filtration issues translate into increased productivity, saving you money.

An added bonus of pre-filters:  Changing the air filter less frequently is better because there is less chance of large debris passing into the engine. Your operators will feel more comfortable performing their job in a safer, cleaner environment. Worries about contamination in the air intake system are lessened with the use of pre-filters.

How do engine air pre-cleaners work?

The pre-cleaner prevents particulate from penetrating into your machine with the use of finely punched mesh pre-screens. Removing any large debris from the air intake keeps the path clear. Next, the air streams down through fixed vanes causing the air to spin and activate the rotor. The force from the spinning rotor is strong enough to push the contamination out of the air stream through discharging ports at the bottom of the unit. The clean air flowing into the air filter will now be 90% more pure.

Less debris entering your engine means less wear on cylinder surfaces, rings, and bearings. Air pre-cleaners save you money by preventing the need to purchase new machinery. Call Polar Mobility for products you can count to make your equipment last. Extending the life of your machines helps you extend your profitability.

Engine Air Pre-Cleaner Units/Parts

Polar Mobility stocks and manufactures hundreds of engine air pre-cleaner units and parts to solve your air-quality problems.

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