Engine Air Pre-cleaners (Powered)

Engine air pre-cleaners extend the air filter life.

The length of air filter life depends on what type and how much debris gets ingested into the engine’s air intake. How can I make my filter last longer? Using an engine air pre-cleaner will prevent particulates from entering into the system. Less debris flowing through the filters protects operator health and also helps protect the engine.

Powered engine air pre-cleaners are more advanced than a non-powered pre-cleaner. They are great for use in dust heavy environments. Many industries that use heavy-duty machineries, such as construction, mining, and oil and gas rely on strong engine air pre-cleaners to power up the day.

Powered engine air pre-cleaners work on heavy debris, mixed debris and snow. What else do they do?

  • Lower contaminate levels
  • Preserves engine and catalyst converter while preventing related downtime costs
  • Provides zero restriction up to 130 cfm (cubic feet per minute). What is cubic feet per minute? The measurement of velocity at which the air flows in or out of the zone where the pre-cleaner is installed.

Polar Mobility has a wide range of powered engine air pre-cleaners for your individual requirements.

Pre-cleaners designed for cab HVAC systems are available in a single and dual stage. Integrated filtration systems are lightweight, have cab pressure monitoring systems, and are for use as fresh air intake and re-circulated air filtration. You need the most advanced technologies to filter as much dirt and debris as possible to keep your equipment operating at peak capacity.

Powered Engine Air Pre-Cleaner Units/Parts

Polar Mobility stocks and manufactures hundreds of powered engine air pre-cleaner units and parts to solve your air-quality problems.

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