Cabin Enclosure Filter Pressurizers

How safe is your cabin air?

While working on a construction or mining site, you might think to yourself, even with all this dust and debris around me, I am safe inside my cab. This is not entirely true. While an enclosed cabin provides some protection to the harmful elements surrounding you, many VOC’s and SVOC’s can still creep in. OH&S regulators around the world have done field studies with results indicating the internal cabin environment can be more harmful than the outside cabin air.

Miners are in danger every day due to long hours of exposure to coal dust.

Many health issues arise from inhaling microparticles in the air.

  • Inflammation of the lungs
  • Fibrosis
  • Black lung disease, also known as pneumoconiosis
  • Necrosis

Miners are not the only ones exposed to medical concerns. Dust and debris in the air, the amount and length of exposure time, and type of toxins will affect workers in varying ways. From asthma to silicosis, workers in construction industries risk falling victim to health problems. The longer the exposure and the more negative particles in the air, the more severe a reaction can manifest. Exposure to diesel particulate matter has been studied by the Cancer Council Australia. Results of this study indicate that those working around diesel fumes have a 40% higher chance of getting lung cancer than the average person.

How can you help keep your employees and yourself safe in the workplace environment?

Cabin enclosure filter pressurizers. These pressurizers filter out the poisons in the air. Enclosed cab filtration systems are typically used on mining equipment but can be used in any industry. They reduce the exposure of workers to airborne particles generated during operations.

How does a cabin enclosure filter pressurizer work?

External air gets drawn into the air conditioner so large dirt particles can be removed with the pre-cleaner. This air is then filtered and drawn into the air conditioner’s intake duct by the air pump. The dual filtered air is delivered in high volume to the enclosure, creating positive air pressure on the inside. This positive air pressure forces dirt out of doors, windows and other unsealed areas.

Separators and filters remove particulates before they have an opportunity to enter the cabin. Cleaner air is provided to the operator eliminating the risk of inhaling large quantities of VOC’s. Cabin pressurization is important since negative pressurization of the cabin draws dust in.

Contact Polar Mobility today for a cabin enclosure filter pressurizer to keep everyone on the job site safer. Protect your equipment’s electronic systems by limiting dirt and dust from clogging them up.