Engine Air Pre-Cleaners (Non-Powered)

Non-powered engine air pre-cleaners are manufactured for the same purpose as powered pre-cleaners.

They will extend your equipment’s air filter life, reduce downtime and save you money. When a cab loses pressure, the unfiltered air from outside enters the cab creating a “vacuum cleaner bag” environment. This debris-filled air poses a potential health risk leading to respiratory problems for the operator.

How does a pre-filter eliminate this issue?

  1. The incoming dust spins into a circle
  2. Heavy particles migrate out and are ejected from the intake air or fall into some kind of trap

What kind of industries use engine air pre-cleaners?

  • Construction
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Road building
  • Agriculture
  • Military
  • Materials and aggregate handling
  • Landfill and recycling

Non-powered engine air pre-cleaners are ideal for use in extreme heavy debris fields and high-altitude operations.

Specially designed screens are manufactured for agricultural and debris-heavy situations. Most pre-cleaners are routine maintenance free. Maybe your environment needs a traditional engine air pre-cleaner and you have no need for powered pre-cleaners. Count on something that has been around for years, with new technology. Start ensuring your workers are safe and your machines run smoothly to eliminate costly and time-consuming downtime. Contact us for a clean start to your equipment today!

Non-Powered Engine Air Pre-Cleaner Units/Parts

Polar Mobility stocks and manufactures hundreds of non-powered engine air pre-cleaner units and parts to solve your air-quality problems.

Can’t find it? We’ll manufacture it to your specific needs. Contact us today!