Kingtec Refrigeration

Do you need to transport refrigerated or frozen products?

Polar Mobility supplies Kingtec Refrigeration products. Choose between diesel driven, vehicle engine driven and electric refrigeration.  Whether you require refrigeration for small trucks, medium trucks, trailers or large transport vehicles, Polar Mobility has options for all your mobile applications.

Kingtec’s engine driven units are powered by the vehicle’s engine through the road compressor. Guess What? Electric refrigeration units are quick to install, plug in anywhere on 15amp service and are easy to operate. Electric refrigeration units are perfect for mini to small vehicles. Generally used in the hospitality industry, the engine driven transport refrigeration units are ideal for small caterers, delivery companies or restaurants. All the Kingtec units are designed for frozen, fresh and deeply frozen applications so you can take your products wherever you need.

What are the benefits of Kingtec refrigeration solutions?

Each unit is crafted with options to suit your industry, offering a variety of features.

  • Silent diesel engines
  • Clean operation
  • Electric stand-by making the systems environmentally friendly
  • Auto cooling by temperature
  • Maximum cab clearance
  • In-Cab display features
  • Lightweight Aluminum construction available for increased payload
  • Chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Auto defrost system
  • Auto phase failure correction

Kingtec Refrigeration Units/Parts

Polar Mobility manufactures several refrigeration units and parts to solve all of your cooling problems!

Can’t find it? We’ll manufacture it to your specific needs. Contact us today!