PROHEAT Dometic Units

Tackle cold winter days with the Dometic Proheat X30, a diesel-fired auxiliary heater boasting 31000 BTU/hr of fluid heating capacity. Proheat systems effectively and efficiently heat equipment and keep passengers comfortable with heating performance you can rely on, featuring industry-leading technology and durability. Ideal for heavy-duty off-highway applications, Proheat coolant heaters help you keep costs down by reducing idling and providing efficient heating.
The Proheat X30 offers four distinct operation modes. In the Standard Operating Mode, a built-in sensor monitors coolant temperature, activating heating when it falls below 65°C, and halting fuel consumption when reaching 85°C. Preheat Operating Mode is geared for pre-engine warm-up, shutting off after 90 minutes or when the engine starts. When the engine is running, the Supplemental Operating Mode aids in year-round engine and cabin heating. Lastly, the Anti-Freeze Operating Mode conserves battery by periodically circulating coolant to prevent freezing during extended periods of inactivity.