Why the Espar D2 is a great heat source for camper vans

Espar D2 heater

Why the Espar D2 is a great heat source for camper vans

For camper vans, heat is one of the most talked-about and important factors – especially in Canada, where overnight temperatures can dip below 0 degrees celsius even during summer nights. While you have a few options for portable heaters, we want to highlight the Eberspacher D2 Heater as one of our top recommended heat sources. Take a look at why the Espar D2 is an excellent choice for camper vans.

It produces twice as much heat as a conventional diesel heater

The Espar D2 Heater is a self-regulating diesel heater that can produce 2.5 times as much heat output as its conventional counterpart. It can keep a steady temperature while stationary or in a transportable unit. Much like how heat runs through your car’s heater core and is distributed into your ventilation system, the unit takes the heat of the combustion to heat the area of the vehicle.

The Eberspacher D2 Heater runs on a single fuel source

This unit can run efficiently for 24 hours on one gallon of diesel, a great alternative to carrying around additional propane to run a separate heater. One of the greatest benefits of an Eberspacher D2 Heater is that it stops drawing diesel out of your van when it reaches below a quarter tank. This means you’ll never run out of fuel!

Automatic temperature control makes it convenient

The Espar D2 Heater features automatic temperature control along with a hand-held controller. While it can intelligently maintain a steady temperature throughout your van, you can simply adjust the temperature when needed with a click of a button. Some convenient automatic prompts include:

  • Setting the unit to automatically turn on when the temperature dips below a certain degree
  • The ability to set how long the unit runs for
  • It has its own fuel pump that feeds the unit and combusts diesel

This unit can be installed under the driver or passenger seat of your van

When you’re camping or driving a long distance, you need as much space in your van for comfort, luggage, food, and other equipment. Because the Espar D2 Heater is generally installed under the driver or passenger seat, it doesn’t take up space like other portable heaters. Additionally, it is completely safe to install parts under your vehicle as long as the exhaust is far enough away.

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