Fuel Fired Heater Parts

Do you ever wonder what parts work together to make up your heating system?

Mufflers: The muffler is put inside the exhaust system to reduce the noise that comes out of your machines.

Timers: Do you need to pre-set the time when your heat turns on and is shut off? You can do so with the timers on your fuel-fired heater.

Waterproof Connectors: If you need to use your machinery in wet weather conditions such as rain or snow then you need a waterproof connector. This connector is attached to the fuel-fired heater to protect you from electric shock, preventing it from mixing with water. You can keep yourself and your employees safe while maintaining productivity levels.

Mounting Brackets: Where do you need to place your fuel-fired heater? With mounting brackets, you can put the heater anywhere from the wall, a piece of structural steel or concrete, hang it to an overhead structure, or mount it to a pipe. You can be sure there is enough support to hold the fuel-fired heater in its place.

Fuses: Take control and prevent your circuits from overloading with fuses. If needed, replacing a fuse is easy.

Thermostats: Do you need to control the temperature of your fuel-fired heater? The thermostat gives you the ability to monitor heat while allowing you to set it to a point that maintains a specific temperature. A thermostat is a key component for products that require an exact temperature range to be maintained.

Switches: Turn the heat on or off with the switches. You know you need these small but important parts of all your equipment.

Fuel Pick-Up Pipes: Are you looking to have your heater fuel line directly from the fuel tank? You need a fuel pick-up pipe.

Exhaust Drains: While working in the construction or agricultural industries, it is essential to keep the projects running which means ensuring the machinery does not give out on you. Exhaust drains are a component of the fuel-fired heaters that extend the life of your exhaust system. How do they do this? Allowing a small amount of gas to escape.

Ducting Accessories: Do your pipes need to stretch and maneuver into odd spaces on the job site? Ducting accessories maintain flexibility even in the coldest weather conditions.

Plumbing Accessories: Your job is already hard work. Take it easy on yourself and simplify plumbing while reducing fittings with available plumbing accessories for your fuel-fired heater.

Testers and Adapters: When working with heavy-duty equipment, it is important that the pressure is correct so as not to cause any explosions or system failures. A fuel-fired heater has testers and adapters to test for pressure and adapt appropriately so your equipment and you stay productive and safe.