X30 Proheat / Dometic Standard Heater

X30 Proheat / Dometic Standard Heater 12

Are you looking for a fuel-fired heating unit for your worksite?

Tackle cold winter days with the Dometic Proheat X30, a diesel-fired auxiliary heater boasting 31000 BTU/hr of fluid heating capacity. Heat equipment and keep passengers comfortable with heating performance you can rely on, featuring industry-leading technology and durability. Ideal for heavy-duty off-highway applications, Proheat coolant heaters help you keep costs down by reducing idling and providing efficient heating.

The Proheat X30 comes with four operation modes:

  • Standard Operating Mode – A built-in sensor monitors the coolant temperature in the unit. A temperature below 65°C triggers the unit to heat the coolant to 85°C, which then stops burning fuel and goes into standby.
  • Preheat Operating Mode – Typically activated an hour before starting the engine, preheat mode heats the coolant and switches itself off after 90 minutes or when the engine is turned on.
  • Supplemental Operating Mode – This mode is automatically enabled when the engine is running and helps heat the engine and passenger compartment all year round.
  • Anti-Freeze Operating Mode – Designed to minimize battery consumption, the anti-freeze mode keeps the coolant from freezing over a longer period of time when not in operation. The coolant pumps every 20 minutes to ensure the temperature is maintained.

The Proheat X30 is designed with multiple mounting points, making it easy to mount and features rugged aluminum and steel components for maximum life. With an integrated coolant pump, this unit is self-contained and features a Closed Loop Combustion Control using an integrated oxygen sensor for safety and to keep the heater cleaner, longer. The single unit is capable of heating both equipment and the passenger compartment, featuring:

  • A low-pressure fuel nozzle for safe operation
  • Reliable cold start
  • Modulating Heat Output that automatically adjusts to suit your system parameters and load
  • Adaptive Smart Controls for optimized temperature and heater longevity
  • 10 to 30 VDC Input Voltage that self-selects to match the application