Fuel Fired Heater Units

You have decided you need a fuel-fired heater.

Now, you need to discover which fuel-fired heater unit is best for your industry.

What kind of fuel-fired heater units are there?

Gas Fired Duct Units: These are designed to fit in processes’ ductwork offering the utmost in convenience with pre-wired or pre-piped assembly.

Oil Fired Duct Units: Heat space in a stable, non-flammable way while keeping your costs down.

Direct Fired Heaters: The flame comes into direct contact with the air to heat the space you are in.

Indirect Fired Heaters: The air around you becomes heated as it passes over an enclosed heating element.

Radiant Heaters: A radiant heater will heat objects rather than the air.

Gas Fired Make-Up Air Units: Do you have installations that need frequent air changes? Gas fired make-up air units deliver tempered make-up air for these types of installations. You can have this type of unit for indoor or outdoor use.

Which fuel-fired heater is the right unit for you?

Polar Mobility will guide you through further details if you need them, or even create a system from scratch based on your requirements.

Fuel Fired Heater Units

Polar Mobility has all the fuel fired heater units you need for a smooth working process.

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