Polar Heat Exchangers

Reduce costly downtime and protect your heavy-duty equipment with Polar Mobility’s fuel & fluid heat exchangers

Heat exchangers help keep heavy-duty equipment and on-highway vehicles running in cold weather. They transfer heat from one fluid to another without coming into direct contact with each other. Fuel & fluid heat exchangers such as hydraulic tank heaters, immersion heaters, and vehicle fluid warmers keep the fluid flowing which reduces start-up time for equipment, improves productivity, and prevents pump cavitation and blown seals.

Fuel and fluid heat exchangers can be used for heating water, hydraulic fluid, oil, or fuel gels, making them ideal for many different applications including:

  • Mining
  • Oil & gas sites
  • Logging
  • Construction
  • Gearboxes
  • Utility & maintenance vehicles
  • Temporary site buildings
  • Industrial and commercial buildings

The benefits of fuel & fluid heat exchangers

Fuel and fluid heat exchangers are essential for worksites that are impacted by frigid cold weather. They allow warm oil and other fluids in engines and machines to flow more efficiently and help reduce operational costs.

Some of the benefits of Polar Mobility’s fuel and fluid heat exchangers include:

  • Prevention of crystalization in fuel when the temperature drops low.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase other cold-weather additives and blended fuels.
  • A built-in thermostat monitors when a specific fuel temperature is reached and automatically shuts off the in-line and in-tank warmers to stop the flow of coolant.
  • Available companion products can boost coolant flow, allowing operators to work in a comfortable and safe environment even in the coldest weather.

Find a customized solution for your specific worksite

At Polar Mobility, we have been researching and developing products for heavy-duty equipment since 1981. We’ve created fuel and fluid heat exchangers after years of working in heavy-duty industries and understanding what our customers need.

Polar Mobility’s heat exchangers:

  • Have very low internal resistance to glycol, which works well with fuel-fired engine coolant heaters.
  • Are stainless-steel to handle harsh working environments and extreme weather conditions.
  • Keeps fuel and fluid heat exchangers from over pressurizing

Our customized solutions can be designed for specific worksites and applications. We take the time to adjust the positioning of the fuel and fluid heat exchanger to the reservoir or tank design to ensure that it continues to work efficiently.

Polar Heat Exchangers

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