Polar Heat Exchangers

Polar Mobility has been researching and developing products for heavy-duty equipment since 1981.

Years of experience have allowed us to detail out units that work for you, manufacturing to your specific needs. Our heat exchangers are part of this process and with this comes high-quality products for your use. Polar heat exchangers warm the fluid in reservoirs and tanks that you use whether they hold water, fuel gels or hydraulic fluids.

Do you need a heat exchanger installed horizontally or vertically? We will take the time to adjust the positioning to the reservoir or tank design.

What makes Polar heat exchangers the ideal solution for your cold weather equipment issues?

  • Works well with fuel-fired engine coolant heaters because of their very low internal resistance to glycol
  • Manufactured as a stainless-steel product for resistance to harsh environments
  • Keeps fuel and fluid heat exchangers from over pressurizing


Don’t take our word for it! Install a Polar heat exchanger on your work site and see the benefits right before your eyes.