Espar / Eberspacher AIRTRONIC 4 W/DIGI MAX

Espar / Eberspacher AIRTRONIC 4 W/DIGI MAX

Espar / EBERSPAECHER Airtronic D4 12v Air Heater & Installation Kit
Fuel type: Diesel
Voltage: 12 Volts
Max Power 13,650 BTU (4kW), High 10,200 BTU (3kW), Medium 6,800 BTU (2kW)
Low 3,400 BTU (0.9kW)
Espar Eberspacher Part Number: 25.2113.05.0000.0Z / 25.2113.80.0000.0Z (Installation kit)

SKU: CA-2113-73 Alternate Part Number: 20-2821-13-0423
Factory Part Number: 20.2821.13.0423.0Z Category: Tags: ,
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The Airtronic D4 kit with the Digi-Max Controller stands as the most popular choice among users. This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary components for installation: the heater itself, the Digi-Max Controller, a fuel system, a mounting hardware kit, and complete ducting. It is important to note that this particular kit is designed specifically for vans and is not suitable for marine installations.

The Espar Airtronic heaters offer versatile applications and enhanced features for optimal heating. These air heaters operate quietly and efficiently, offering four heat levels to maintain a desired temperature range. With a remarkable heat output of 13,650 BTU, the Airtronic D4 surpasses competing models, providing clean and comfortable warmth. Additionally, it includes a standard fan-mode option, perfect for nights when air circulation takes precedence over heating.

The Digi-Max Controller represents cutting-edge technology in heater controls and is an exclusive feature of Espar. With its user-friendly digital display, it allows for easy temperature adjustments. The controller is equipped with an onboard ambient air temperature sensor, ensuring precise temperature control. Furthermore, it offers adjustable auto shutoff and low-voltage protection settings for added convenience and safety. The Digi-Max Controller also records maintenance hours and provides troubleshooting tips for any displayed fault codes, making it a highly efficient and user-friendly heating solution.

The Airtronic D4 Heater offers a range of advantages:

  • Generates a maximum heat output of 13,650 BTU/hr while consuming only 3.3 amps of power
  • Provides cost-effectiveness due to its low fuel and power consumption
  • Features an integrated control unit for convenient operation
  • Installation and maintenance are hassle-free and straightforward
  • Incorporates self-diagnostics capabilities for efficient troubleshooting
  • Offers a wide selection of control options to suit individual preferences
  • Boasts the highest heat output currently available in the market
  • Equipped with a quick-release cover that allows for easy access and maintenance
  • Meets EPA verification and CARB compliance standards, enabling its use across North America

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