Espar / Eberspacher D5E S3 HYDRONIC KIT W/PICK UP,Eberspaecher

Espar / Eberspacher D5E S3 HYDRONIC KIT W/PICK UP,Eberspaecher

Espar / EBERSPAECHER Hydronic S3 D5E 12V water / engine heater
Diesel heater 12V!
Hydronic S3 D5E from Espar is Upgraded version for D5S.
Voltage: 12 Volts
Espar / Eberspacher Part Number: 25.2826.52.0525.0Z

SKU: 25-2826-52-0525 Alternate Part Number: 25.2826.52.0525.0Z
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The Espar S3 D5E is an upgraded version of the D5S diesel heater, featuring an improved fuel pump piston and silent brush motor in a compact unit, making it the quietest heater in the Espar water heater category. It’s also engineered with a unique residual heating system that allows the unit to operate when the engine is off.

Due to it being smaller than previous Espar heaters, the D5E S3 can be installed in a range of vehicle and vessel applications, including trucks, semi-truck, vans, sprinters, boats, campervans, machinery, military, buses, and more. The installation kit has everything you need to easily mount the unit with brackets, clamps, and screws without any additional parts. 

This versatile Espar engine/water heater can run on an independent heating loop and be connected to various water and air exchangers, using either its internal temperature sensor or external control. 

Some of the D5E S3 upgrades and features include:

  • Increased lifecycle from 3,000 to 5,000 hours
  • Operates at altitudes of up to 4,900 ft
  • With the EasyStart Pro Controller, it can operate at up to 9,900 ft
  • Ability to operate in extreme conditions (-40°C to +80°C)
  • Available in both 12V and 24V options
  • Compatible with CAN, LIN and S+ system communication protocols
  • Automated temperature control, when combined with the EasyStart Pro controller
  • New controller communication allows for more accurate on-screen fault diagnostics
  • A stepless system that adjusts the fan speed according to the temperature, optimizing efficiency and increasing comfort levels.

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