Espar / Eberspacher B5L Airtronic 12V Air Heater

Espar / Eberspacher B5L Airtronic 12V Air Heater

EBERSPAECHER Airtronic B5 12v Air Heater & Installation Kit
Fuel type: Gasoline / Petrol
Voltage: 12 Volts
Max Power: 5.5 kW, Boost 18,800 BTU (5.5kW), High 16,400 BTU (4.8kW)
Medium 9,200 BTU (2.7kW), Low 4,100 BTU (1.2kW)

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The Espar/Eberspacher B5L Airtronic 12V Air Heater is a high-quality heating solution designed to provide efficient and reliable warmth in a variety of applications. This advanced air heater model offers exceptional performance and features that ensure a comfortable environment even in cold weather conditions and can operate up to 9900ft.

With its 12V power system, the B5L Airtronic heater delivers an impressive heat output to keep the interior of your vehicle or space cozy and comfortable. It utilizes innovative technology to efficiently produce and distribute heat, making it a cost-effective choice in terms of fuel consumption and power usage.

Installation and maintenance of the B5L Airtronic heater is hassle-free, thanks to its user-friendly design. The heater comes equipped with an integrated control unit that allows for easy operation and temperature adjustments. This ensures a convenient and personalized heating experience. Please note that it is not recommended to use this unit in marine applications.

The benefits of the B5L Airtronic include the following:

  • Reliable self-diagnostic capabilities for consistent performance and quick issue detection
  • Versatile control options for customized heating settings and optimal comfort
  • High-quality construction and durability for long-lasting functionality
  • Quick-release cover design for easy maintenance access
  • Suitable for heating vehicles, vans, trucks, and other enclosed spaces
  • Provides reliable and efficient heating performance in a user-friendly package

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