Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic M10 24V, Eberspaecher

Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic M10 24V, Eberspaecher

Espar /Eberspacher Hydronic M10 24v Heater ( D12W)
Voltage: 24 Volts
Power: 10 kW
Fuel Type: Diesel
Eberspacher Part Number: 25.2434.05.0000.0Z

SKU: 25-2435-05 Alternate Part Number: 25.2434.05.0000.0Z
Factory Part Number: 25.2434.05.0000.0Z Category: Tags: ,
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Operating independently of the engine, these heaters bring you a double dose of benefits: efficient preheating for both the vehicle interior and the engine itself. In the engine compartment, hydronic water heaters seamlessly integrate into the cooling water circuit, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The result? A perfectly preheated engine, ready to start smoothly even in the coldest of weather. The Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic M10 is a reliable companion for all your heating needs, on and off the road.

The Espar/Eberspacher Hydronic M10 24V is a complete and reliable heating package, offering powerful performance and convenience for a wide range of vehicles and marine applications. Designed to operate with a 24V electrical system, this heater showcases exceptional performance for various applications. Equipped with the advanced Hydronic MII boiler and support, it ensures a consistent and powerful heat supply, effortlessly warming both the vehicle interior and the engine.

This hydronic unit offers a range of advantages:

  • Features an integrated water pump, facilitating the smooth circulation of warm water throughout the heating system
  • The inclusion of a remote diesel pump allows for convenient and flexible fuel sourcing, making refuelling hassle-free
  • A diesel piping kit, measuring 6 meters in length, is provided, ensuring a secure and efficient diesel supply to the heater
  • For combustion air intake, a suction pipe (0.5m) is included, optimizing the combustion process and ensuring clean and efficent heating
  • The exhaust line, pre-mounted with a silencer and measuring 2 metres, efficiently expels combustion by-products while minimizing noise levels
  • The hull pass-through ensures a safe and tidy installation on marine vessels, allowing for the heater’s integration without compromising the vessel’s integrity
  • An electric harness is provided, simplifying the connection between the heater components and the electrical system of the vehicle or vessel
  • For added safety, a fuse kit is included, protecting the heater and its components from electrical overloads
  • The on-off control offers straightforward operation, allowing users to easily manage the heating system as needed
  • Various accessories, such as clamps, screws, and other essential components, are supplied for a comprehensive and hassle-free installation process

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