Espar / Eberspacher B5E HYD S3 HEATER KIT GAS W/EZ 12V,Eberspaecher

Espar / Eberspacher B5E HYD S3 HEATER KIT GAS W/EZ 12V,Eberspaecher

Espar / EBERSPAECHER Hydronic S3 B5E 12V water / engine heater/With Easy Start Timer
Petrol / Gasoline heater 12V!
Hydronic S3 B5E from Espar is Upgraded version for B5S.
Voltage: 12 Volts
Espar / Eberspacher Part Number: 20.2008.05.0000.0Z /25.2819.52.0520.0Z

SKU: 25-2819-52-0520 Alternate Part Number: 25.2819.52.0520.0Z
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The B5E S3 Espar Heater is one of the most versatile, fuel-efficient petrol water heaters on the market. Ideal for vans and RVs with gasoline engines, this reliable heater is built to last with an extended 3,500-hour lifecycle. While this unit is a unique petrol heater that can heat both air and water, it features a residual heat option that does not use any fuel at all to keep your cabin warm and comfortable.

The universal kit can be used to preheat the engine, eliminating cold starts and reducing the strain on engine parts. It can also be used to heat air and floors. Additionally, the shipped kit comes with a domestic water heating system that can be used for showers and taps to heat water. Custom kits are available if you need extra features.

This Espar heater features:

  • An ultra-quiet operation with improved noise reduction capabilities, a brushless fan, and an upgraded pump.
  • An available EasyStart Pro that can reliably operate at altitudes of up to 9,900 ft.
  • Easy installation with all the necessary brackets, clamps, and screws that come with the kit.
  • Improved comfort with dynamic fan speed and automatic heating options.
  • A large 17,000 BTU
  • A 5-litre heater water expansion tank

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