Box van or panel van – which is better for your business?

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Box van or panel van – which is better for your business?

Choosing between a box vs a panel van is all about what will create efficiency and cost savings for your business. At Polar Mobility in Calgary, we’ve seen many advantages for both types of vans. While there is no option that is better than the other, choosing the right one can benefit your business greatly. Below, we’ve compiled a comparison between a box vs a panel van to help you in your decision.

Box van for your business

A box van is a vehicle with a chassis and an enclosed cube-shaped cargo area. Typically, the cargo area is separate from the cabin, but there are some box vans that have a door between the cabin and cargo area for easy access. Box vans are higher off the ground than panel vans and come with a loading dock for safe transporting. Box vans are popular for businesses that consistently move large and heavy objects and need to take advantage of the cargo space.

Some of the benefits of a box van include:

  • The cargo area is clearly defined and is an efficient use of space
  • There are no wheel boxes inside the cargo area that impacts the space
  • More flexibility in customizing the cargo area with shelves, refrigeration, and thermal add-ons
  • The cargo box can be reused if the vehicle components are damaged beyond repair

Panel van for your business

A panel van has a fully enclosed body with no windows in the cargo area. The load space is usually accessed with a sliding door or rear opening. Panel vans come in a number of heights and sizes to suit your business needs. They are common for companies that transport smaller materials and equipment, such as electrical companies, plumbing, contracting jobs, catering, local deliveries, and more.

Some of the benefits of a panel van include:

  • They are ideal for small and light loads and high-frequency deliveries
  • Lower to the ground for easy and quick access to goods
  • A rear step up can be added
  • The aerodynamic shape can bring a much better fuel economy than a box van
  • With better fuel economy, businesses contribute to a small carbon footprint
  • A lower upfront cost than a box van

Whether you choose a box or panel van for your business, Polar Mobility can help you fit a heating or cooling solution with industry-standard products.

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