Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Controls (Air & Water)

AC air and water controls

Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Controls (Air & Water)

The main purpose of commercial mobile AC units is to create comfortable working conditions for the operator and to protect the equipment against extreme heat. Generally, air conditioning systems are fitted with air and water controls that regulate the temperature, humidity, and air stats. When one of these commercial air conditioning unit controls malfunctions, the unit will fail to deliver adequate airflow and humidity into the space.

With our hot summers in Alberta, commercial air conditioning unit controls must be in good working condition for the health and safety of workers. When you need a small part or a complete system, you can find everything at Polar Mobility. 

Common mobile AC unit problems

When an AC unit breaks down, it’s often due to an underlying issue that causes the unit to work harder. The additional strain on the unit can damage the main components, such as the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Some common commercial mobile AC unit problems include:

  • Restricted airflow – Blocked ducts and lines can cause high-pressure problems, which can cause the AC unit to seize. Check the ducts and lines for any blockages if you notice weak airflow. 
  • Dirty filters and coils – Built-up dirt on filters and coils causes the unit to work harder, eventually leading to a system malfunction. Be sure to clean the coils and change the filter periodically to avoid this issue. 
  • Inadequate power – The power source must match the unit’s specifications. Too little power and the unit won’t work efficiently; too much power and you could be wasting energy and increasing operational costs. Refer to the unit’s manual or call us at Polar Mobility for expert advice on the right commercial mobile AC unit. 

Replaceable air and water controls

Replacing air and water controls is less costly than replacing an entire system. Some commercial AC unit controls include:


  • Louvres and diffusers in varying shapes and sizes 
  • Universal duct kits
  • Outside air sensors
  • Air sensing switches
  • Sleeper controls
  • Blower controls


  • Cable-operated water valves
  • Heater shut off water valves
  • Manually operated water valves
  • Electrically operated water valves
  • Electric water pumps

Where to find commercial mobile AC parts

At Polar Mobility, we provide the above air and water controls for commercial mobile AC units. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalogue, give us a call, and we can help customize a solution for your specific worksite or equipment. 

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