Fans, Blowers, DC Motors

One of the key components of an HVAC air conditioning system are the fans.

Why? To cool off the zone you are in, creating comfort in an area otherwise unbearable to work in.  Do you have airflow that does not occur naturally? Most industries use fans to generate moving air.

What industries are fans typically used in?

  • Commercial construction
  • Food
  • Energy


There are 3 common types of fans used in commercial and industrial workplaces. What are they?

  1. Axial: Axial fans have propeller-shaped blades surrounding a rotating shaft. These types of fans are typically used in outdoor air conditioner condensers, electronic component cooling, combustion engine cooling, and cooling towers. They operate at higher speeds and lower diameters compared to other types of fans. Axial fans are small and light with low cost.
  2. Forward-Curve Centrifugal: Appearing in a wheel shape, centrifugal fans draw air into the inlet of the blower housing. The air goes through the wheel and discharges at 90 degrees through the discharge of housing. One of the main applications of a centrifugal fan is for air-handling units that need to blow air into the ductwork. This fan has two types of blowers:
    • Pressure blower: Draws or pushes air at high pressures
    • Volume blower: Draws or pushes large volumes of air at a lower static pressure than a pressure blower
  1. Backward-Inclined: This fan style has an unusual backward blade and handles a variety of air flows relative to the static pressure. It is a clean air application with some tolerance for dust and moisture. It is commonly used in industrial industries with high airflow and variable resistance such as dust collection, incineration systems, glass tempering, and process cooling in energy recovery ventilation (ERV)


In industries using heavy-duty machinery on a daily basis, it is essential to ensure there are fluid start and end of day processes to avoid downtime.

A DC motor installed in an air conditioning HVAC unit’s fan is ideal as it allows for quick equipment start and stop times. DC motors are coupled to fans in automotive, truck, and RV cooling and ventilation, converting direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. Other common applications for this type of motor are cranes, conveyors, fans, pumps, air compressors, machine tools, toys, and motor starters in cars.

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