High Voltage Systems

Do you wish your HVAC systems could save money and use less energy?

Polar Mobility knows how to do just this. We know that you need to use heavy-duty machinery, such as mobile air conditioning HVAC units. Get your projects completed using a renewable energy source.

Electrons are moved by voltage. What does this mean? The force of electron voltage is essentially determined by how hard they are being pushed along the wire. High voltage systems provide more efficient bulk power transfer across lengthy distances. A military or construction environment, for example, uses a vast amount of space to work in and by using high voltage machinery, thin, lightweight wires can be used for the transmission of energy, lowering the overall energy costs on your worksite. Save your business money and help productivity grow with high voltage systems.

The higher the voltage, the less energy is wasted and with the smaller current, less energy is lost.

Polar mobility offers safe, reliable products to operate with high voltage direct current (HVDC).

Equipment is available for mining, industrial and construction industries designed to withstand extreme conditions, ambient temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, excessive shock and vibration plus hazardous atmospheres. High voltage systems are ideal for overhead cranes, control rooms and process equipment.

Our high voltage systems work with 2 & 3 phase (AC) alternating current and can handle 50/60 hz voltages. Units are quiet and efficient for all your heating and cooling requirements. These units provide a contaminant-free air-conditioned space and deliver high performance while increasing operator safety.