Units & Systems

There are many mobile air conditioning HVAC units and systems available.

Each has a specific use individualized to your needs and as such are manufactured differently. Air conditioning systems are available for a variety of industries including mining, construction, forestry, trucking and harsh environments.

There are 4 main types of HVAC systems.

  1. Heating and Cooling Split System: This is the most common HVAC system. It is a split between heating and cooling. This particular system uses refrigerant compressors and coils to cool the air and the fan blows hot air out. These systems are available for indoor and outdoor applications.
  2. Hybrid Split System: This is a unit similar to the heating and cooling split system but with slight differences. You can keep your energy costs down by using this system. How? Using electric hybrid heating allows you to switch between gas and electric power.
  3. Duct Free (Mini Split): This unit is mounted on indoor walls and usually attached to an outdoor compressor. Perhaps you want your employees to have control of their own HVAC unit? This system encompasses individual units for independent control. Do you want to know another added benefit of this type of unit? It keeps energy consumption under control so there is no waste. When you are not using a certain area, you can turn the heat or air conditioning off in the vacant zone to conserve energy.
  4. Packaged Heating and Air: This kind of system is usually placed in an attic or top floor storage space to cool and heat. The compact size of these units makes them easy to transport and use anywhere. The packaged heating and air system is usually electrically generated but can use gas and electric combined.

Construction and mining industries can make good use of self-contained units, available for outside the cab.

Systems work well for boom trucks, haul trucks, loaders, cranes and in rough terrain areas. Oilfield industry systems are available with hydraulic drive electric air conditioners including coiled tubing, nitrogen units and wireline cabs.

Do you work in an industry with unique environmental challenges?

Off-road systems with advanced filtration prevent contamination from airborne woodchips and debris and are available with self-cleaning filtration. No idle systems and harsh environment systems are ideal for applications that were never intended for air conditioning.

Whether you require air-conditioning for a small truck or heavy-duty vehicle, single phase or 3 phase electric power, your unit can be customized for your specific application. For detailed insight on the right system for your environment, contact Polar Mobility’s experts.

 AC/HVAC Units, Systems, and Parts

Polar Mobility stocks and manufactures several Mobile AC/HVAC units and parts.

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