Receiver Drivers, Accumulators

Receiver driers are also known as receiver-dehydrators…

They look like a small metal can with an inlet and outlet. These air conditioning parts are only used in systems that have expansion valves.

Where are receiver driers located in an air conditioning HVAC unit? In the high-pressure side of the system, generally in between the condenser outlet and expansion valve inlet.

What does the receiver drier do?

Receives and stores some liquid refrigerant from the condenser. It serves as a temporary storage container for oil and refrigerant when the system operation is not required and contains system desiccant.

The accumulator collects and stores liquid refrigerant that flows out of the evaporator coil in regulated amounts. It is located on the outer tube of the evaporator coil, usually in the engine compartment and near the firewall. This part boils liquid refrigerant, turning it back into gas to be compressed by the compressor.