12-24 Vdc Drive Air-Conditioning

Do you have a requirement for a small or compact air-conditioning unit?

Polar Mobility can provide you with lightweight, sleek design 12-24Vdc drive systems. Mounting can be either vertical or horizontal depending on your specific cab. Keeping the inside of your cab clean will be a breeze with the addition of an air filter pressurization system.

Compact air conditioning units are available for cabs with limited room.

With ideal sound dampening insulation, your driver will appreciate the low noise level when operating the system. All steel construction with varying speed blowers makes this a great solution for small operator cabs.

Easy to install air conditioning comes with a variety of options…

Skid excavators, forklifts, skid steers, mini excavators and loaders will benefit from 12-24 Vdc air-conditioning units. Easy to install air conditioning comes with a variety of options, like cab pressurization, remote condenser, water pump, hydraulic driven compressor, and reusable washable filters. Models are also available in Air conditioning only units, integrated diesel heat, console with louvres, and fresh air pressurization.

12-24 Vdc Drive Air Conditioning Systems

Find a solution to your 12-24 Vdc drive air conditioning needs.

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