Condenser Coils

Your air conditioning HVAC unit has condenser coils located on the outside of the system.

These coils are a split system removing heat from the refrigerant. The condenser coils are made of a set of tubes. How do condenser coils work? The chiller in the condenser coil cools the refrigerant liquid and moves through the condenser tubing, converting into gas and distributing through the air conditioning system.

What type of condenser coil do you need?

With an entire line of condenser coils, Polar Mobility is your source for heavy duty and off-road equipment parts. Whether you need tube and fin, serpentine, grilldenser or multi-flow condenser coils, you can be sure to keep your units running smoothly.

Looking for condenser coils?

We know the importance of condenser coils and this is why we ensure the coils we provide are top quality.

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