Hydraulic Air Conditioning

Does your work environment restrict the use of open flames?

Petrochemical plants and underground mines restrict the use of an open flame. Some of these work environments might also require the removal of a fuel source before a machine enters the area. What, then, is the solution to mobile air conditioning HVAC units?

Hydraulic air conditioning is similar to an automotive system used on regular air conditioning HVAC units but instead of being driven by the engine, the hydraulic motor drives the AC compressor. The incompressible liquid is the fluid used instead of gas. Hydraulic machinery allows a large amount of power transfer through small tubes and flexible hoses, making use of the fluid power.

Are you looking for better operator performance?

Hydraulic compressor drive systems are easy to install therefore taking little time away from production if you need to put one into operation.  You can depend on a hydraulic air conditioner for use in heavy-duty industries. Units are available in roof or wall mounts and are ideal for cabs where mounting compressors on the engine are not possible. Keep the environment comfortable for your operators. A cool zone for your driver in extremely hot and humid temperatures is vital for performance.

Many different industries can use hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems are most suitable for heavy equipment like shovels, haul trucks, dozers, loaders, drills, excavators, and underground apparatuses.

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