Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Ductable Units


Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Ductable Units

Warm summer weather is officially here – and for many industries, making sure workers have a reliable air conditioning unit for mobile equipment is a critical health and safety issue. It’s also an important part of maintaining productivity and preventing business interruptions. Without a proper AC unit, workers cannot safely do their job and some equipment may be at risk of overheating. In this article, we cover one of the most popular mobile equipment air conditioning solutions – ductable AC units.

Ductable units are ideal for mobile equipment air conditioning in medium-sized vehicles, hydraulic systems, cab pressurization, filtration demands, and direct or ducted outlets for various environments.

How ductable units work

A ductable AC unit is equipped with a series of circular, oval, or rectangular ducting that transfer cool air through a centrally located cooling unit. Air is collected from the space and is passed back to the air conditioner, effectively cooling the area quickly and efficiently. The ducting is made from either galvanized steel, pre-insulated boards, or fabric.

For its size and functionality, ductable units are a perfect mid-level solution for medium-sized vehicles and commercial environments. They can be installed on the ceiling or beneath the floor in a specific area of the cab or room.

The benefits of a ductable unit

By far, the biggest advantage of a ductable unit is its ability to cool an isolated area. For vehicles transporting temperature-sensitive items, drivers stay cool and comfortable in the cab without compromising the goods they are delivering.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Great function control to deliver cool or warm air in the specific area
  • Easy to use and turns on with a click of a button
  • Portable and simple to install
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient
  • Easy to maintain with washable and removable filters

Where to find ductable air conditioning units in Calgary

At Polar Mobility, we supply and service ductable units with an all-steel construction that can handle harsh working environments. Polar Mobility has everything you need to keep your job site safe and productive with HVAC solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can design, manufacture, and build a custom mobile air conditioning solution for you.

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