Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Electric-Powered Condensers


Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Electric-Powered Condensers

When engine-driven condensers are not an option, electric-powered condensers are a solution for mobile equipment air conditioning. In a built-in HVAC system for vehicles and mobile equipment, conventional compressors are powered by an engine’s belt drive, which requires the use of gas. Industrial strength AC electric motors use a different kind of compressor to improve vehicle comfort while reducing CO2 emissions.

At Polar Mobility, we supply industrial-strength 3-phase AC electric motors equipped with heavy-gauge steel construction, available in 50hz or 60hz. With the rise of interest in electric off-highway vehicles, electric-powered condensers continue to improve their technology and are the present and future of commercial mobile air conditioning.

How does an electric-powered condenser work?

In processes that involve heat transfer, the condenser is a heat exchanger used to turn a gas into a liquid state through cooling. An AC electric motor does not have an engine to rotate the AC compressor, and instead consists of a 3-phase electric compressor (EC), which allows for a more efficient and higher torque electric machine to circulate the refrigerant. An electric-powered condenser consists of:

  • A motor to drive the compressor
  • An inverter to drive the motor, converting Direct Current (DC) from the battery and into the alternating current (AC) for the motor.
  • An oil separator to separate oil from the refrigeration cycle to improve A/C cooling capacity.

Benefits of an electric-powered condenser

Electric AC units are in a class of their own when it comes to energy efficiency and cost savings. Some of the most significant benefits of using an electric-powered condenser include:

  • Less maintenance
  • Emission-free
  • Silent operation
  • Time-tested and reliable technology
  • Smaller carbon footprint

Where to find electric-powered condensers in Calgary

At Polar Mobility, we supply and service AC electric motors and have everything you need to keep your job site safe and productive with HVAC solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can design, manufacture, and build a custom mobile air conditioning solution for you.

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