Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Headliner Units

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Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Headliner Units

Headliner HVAC units are one of the most versatile and common solutions for mobile equipment, effectively cooling small to medium-sized cabs. As the name suggests, headliner units are installed overhead on the ceiling of the cab with different designs that fit the application, including compact units and more robust models.

With various sizes and designs, headliners are perfect for:

  • Vans and motor homes
  • Small delivery vehicles
  • Shuttle vehicles and buses
  • Off-high equipment
  • Heavy-duty equipment

Headliner units can be used in virtually any industry, including construction, agriculture, and industrial.

How does a headliner unit work?

Headliner units use a standard air conditioning process that pulls warm air from the space into the unit and cools the air down with condenser coils. This process extracts the moisture from the air and condenses the water vapour into the coils. The warm air is then transferred to the refrigerant in the coils, heating it and turning it into a high-pressure gas that continues to move through the AC system.

During the process, the refrigerant must be compressed by the compressor. As the liquid refrigerant converts to gas, it absorbs the heat and thus, cools the air. The unit’s fan pumps the chilled air into the space.

The benefits of a headliner unit

With versatile designs, headliner units can be mounted in virtually any cab and can come in low-profile, compact models where appearance matters (such as service vehicles and public transportation). Some models can be installed in any direction to best suit the application and the driver.

Headliner units:

  • Are a space-saving solution for applications with limited room
  • Meet off-road demands with high-capacity dual blowers and coils
  • Come with heavy-duty construction
  • Have fully insulated housing to remove condensation build-up
  • Have removable washable filters
  • Come with remote switches and adjustable thermostats

Where to find headliner units in Calgary

At Polar Mobility, we supply and service quality headliner units from some of the top brands in the mobile equipment HVAC industry. Polar Mobility has everything you need to keep your job site safe and productive with HVAC solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can design, manufacture, and build a custom mobile air conditioning solution for you.

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