Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Under Dash Units


Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Units: Under Dash Units

Do you have a compact space but need to keep your cabin cool and comfortable? Under dash units are a great solution. When it comes to mobile equipment air conditioning, the priority is to keep operators safe and comfortable while keeping the equipment running at an ideal temperature.

There are many types of AC systems that meet the needs of small, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. This article focuses on how an under-dash unit works and its benefits.

What is an under dash AC unit?

Simply put, an under-dash AC unit is designed to be mounted under the dashboard of your commercial equipment. However, these units are flexible and can also be installed on a floor or ceiling mount.

Under dash units are an ideal choice for off-highway equipment where space is a premium. They can also be used as an additional unit to a different system, such as a ceiling-mounted or rooftop unit. This is common for operating large equipment under the scorching summer heat to enhance comfort and cooling from every direction

How does an under dash unit work?

Once the blower fans draw warm air into the evaporator, the system uses a standard refrigerant cycle:

  • Low-pressure refrigerant travels through the compressor as gas and compresses into a hot, high-pressure gas as it flows into the condenser coil.
  • The cool liquid refrigerant travels through the evaporator coil and the liquid converts back to a gas.
  • Warm air passes over the evaporator coil and the refrigerant extracts the heat from the air.
  • The fan blows the cooler air back into the space.
  • The refrigerant cycle repeats and makes the air in the cabin cool and comfortable.

The benefits of a commercial under-dash unit

The main advantage of a commercial under-dash unit is that it is designed for a confined space. For its compact size, under-dash units are reliable and powerful, providing the right amount of cool air to keep workers comfortable in the sweltering heat.

Another main advantage of commercial under-dash units is that they are easy to install and access. Lastly, they are one of the most economical and affordable air conditioning solutions for commercial mobile equipment.

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