Do Semi-Truck Trailer Refrigeration Units have Fan Belts?

Semi-Truck Trailer Refrigeration Units

Do Semi-Truck Trailer Refrigeration Units have Fan Belts?

Trailer refrigeration is a complex system that requires many working parts to operate correctly. The importance of a quality transport refrigeration unit is especially highlighted in industries that require the safe transportation of perishable goods or items, from the food industry to the medical field.

Companies that provide refrigerated transportation would benefit from having drivers with extensive knowledge of the functions and components of the trailer and van refrigeration.

Refrigeration units and fan belts

Typically, trailer refrigeration units have fan belts on the engine for compressor drives. The compressor drive is directly operated from the back of the engine where a separate V-belt supports the water pump and alternator.

What does the compressor do?

The compressor is responsible for squeezing the refrigerant gas so the temperature and pressure rise. This gas exits the compressor as a hot, high-pressure gas.

Compressors are available with electric or hydraulic drives. Polar Mobility offers dependable compressors that are designed to meet heavy-duty requirements across all industries.

The importance of maintaining your refrigeration unit

Trailer refrigeration units with fan belts need to be kept in good running condition, which requires consistent care. A well-maintained belt can make all the difference in the safe and efficient transportation of perishable goods and temperature-sensitive products. Fan belts should be checked regularly before any breakage occurs which would lead to a decrease in productivity and major financial loss.

Transport refrigeration solutions

Not all refrigeration units have belt-driven systems. Polar Mobility has a wide range of transport refrigeration solutions for small vans, trucks, trailers, and long- haul vehicles. If you can’t find the solution that you are looking for, our highly skilled and experienced technicians can manufacture one for your specific application.

For industries that regularly transport medical supplies, perishable food, and other temperature-sensitive goods and products, safe storage and loading temperatures are essential. Proper temperature from a high-quality refrigeration unit, ensures that your products reach their final destination safely and efficiently.

To enquire about the best transport refrigeration solution for your specific requirements, get in touch with a Polar Mobility rep today. We are ready to work for you.

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