Effective air conditioning solutions for mobile equipment

Air conditioning solutions for mobile equipment

In extremely hot weather conditions, industries like construction and mining can quickly become dangerous for workers operating heavy machinery. In addition, transport trucks require proper air conditioning solutions to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

Air conditioning for mobile equipment is an important component for many industries and, at Polar Mobility, our priority is to guarantee your comfort and safety.  Our innovative mobile equipment air conditioning HVAC units provide both heating and cooling solutions that are specifically designed for rough environments.

Cooling solutions for mobile equipment

Cooling solutions for mobile equipment

The different types of air conditioning for mobile equipment

There are four main types of HVAC systems and each has a specific use that is tailored to your industry’s needs:

  • Heating and Cooling Split System is the most common HVAC system that is available for both indoor and outdoor applications. This system features refrigerant compressors and coils to cool the air and a fan that blows hot air out.
  • Hybrid Split System is a unit that keeps energy costs down using electric hybrid heating that allows the operator to switch between gas and electric power.
  • Duct Free (Mini-Split) is a unit mounted on indoor walls and usually attached to an outdoor compressor. When a certain area is not in use, this unit allows the operator to turn the heat or air conditioning off in the vacant zone to conserve energy.
  • Packaged Heating and Air is a compact unit that is usually placed in an attic or top floor storage space to cool and heat. This easily transportable system can be electrically generated or use a hybrid of gas and electricity.

What are the benefits of mobile equipment air conditioning HVAC units?

Heavy-duty industries like construction and mining require air conditioning for mobile equipment to ensure the health and safety of their workers. A quality HVAC system:

  • Is low maintenance and easy to use to reduce downtime and operational costs
  • Allows for safe transportation of goods without spoiling
  • Keeps workers happy, increasing their productivity which ultimately leads to less operational costs and less turnover rates

Polar Mobility for mobile heating, cooling, and air-quality solutions

Polar Mobility stocks and manufactures mobile AC/HVAC units and parts for all industries. We understand that not all applications are the same and offer specialized design and innovation for your specific requirements. Our experienced technicians can work with you to find a solution if the one that you need is not available on the market.

Get in touch with one of our representatives at Polar Mobility today to find the right heating, cooling, and air-quality solution for your heavy-duty equipment.

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