How does Espar/Eberspacher D2 heater work?

Espar D2 heater

How does Espar/Eberspacher D2 heater work?

The Espar D2 heater unit takes the heat of the combustion and uses it to warm up space. Today, we are going over the Espar D2 gas heater and how it works when installed in a vehicle such as a camper van.

What cool features does the Eberspacher gas heater come with?

The newest version of the D2 is really plug-and-play friendly. They recently came out with the easy pro about a year ago.

  • It has a new controller and has the functions for you to be able to set up the easy-start timer.
  • You can set the unit so that it gets below a certain temperature and the heater will turn on.
  • Another great feature is that you can set how long the fans are on and how long the heater runs.
  • On the newest model when you set the temperature for 2 seconds, it turns on. All you have to do is hold it for two seconds for it to turn on and whatever the last time you chose or your last temperature, it will automatically default to that.
  • You can have it run all night and it will automatically turn itself off. You can set it to turn in thirty minutes and walk away if you wish.
  • The vent has an adjustable angle output that is extremely advantageous for air circulation pushing the air up higher in the room rather than keeping the air lower to the floor.
  • The size of the unit is quite compact and can easily fit under a seat in a camper or a truck. You can also have the unit bolted to the floor.
  • It has your intake and exhaust as well as the fuel fill that can go through the floor of your vehicle and it is easily accessible underneath the vehicle near the area you installed it.
  • It pulls the fuel from your factory tank. It’s got its own fuel pump that is controlled by the controller and the unit and that feeds the unit which will combust the diesel and heat your vehicle with exhaust.

Is it safe to install the Espar D2 heater parts under my vehicle?

Yes, it is extremely safe and efficient as long as when it is installed that the exhaust is installed far enough back that it’s not going to be sucked into the intake of the unit. If you have the exhaust and the intake right next to each other, it will actually suck the exhaust in as it’s trying to fuel the fire and that will introduce C02 and carbon dioxide.

This unit takes the heat of the combustion and uses that to heat the area of the vehicle so you are not actually breathing in any exhaust. The exhaust fumes are routed under the vehicle through the muffler and pushed out the end of the muffler. This heat is simply produced by the combustion process. It’s similar to how the heat in your car runs through your heater core and gets distributed into your ventilation system and the air pushes into the cabin of your vehicle.

What sets the Espar D2 heater apart from other heaters?

The Espar D2 is extremely handy for whatever area you need heated and heats great while stationary or in a transportable unit. It is known for its efficiency in keeping a steady temperature.

What really sets the Espar D2 Heater apart from other fuel-efficient heaters is its Airtronic Air-to-Air heater. It is a self-regulating diesel heater that produces 2.5 times more heat than a conventional diesel heater. At the same time, it can be easily installed in trucks, semi-trucks and recreational vehicles and is ideal for use at high altitudes.

The upgrade kit for auxiliary heaters also offers full Eberspacher heating for economical diesel vehicles with low-consumption auxiliary heaters. Diesel heating in a petrol van may sound silly, but the benefits are huge. If you operate a diesel truck, semi-trailer or leisure vehicle this diesel heater works at full power and has a maximum heat output of 2.5 times more than a conventional diesel heater.

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