How to keep diesel engine warm during extreme cold

Diesel fired espar heater for winter

How to keep diesel engine warm during extreme cold

No matter the weather, truck drivers are on the road almost year-round. During the winter months when cold nights are inevitable, there are certain things that truckers do to keep warm. 

Keeping diesel engine warm in extreme cold

Keeping diesel engine warm in extreme cold

Some of the most common practices include:

  • Getting a space heater and powering it through an external power source.
  • Using a heavy-duty sleeping bag specialized for temperatures below freezing.
  • Purchasing a 12V mattress pad that plugs into a lighter socket.
  • Bundling up with long johns, thermal socks, and thick gloves.
  • Bringing a down comforter and extra blankets.

Mobile heating solutions to keep diesel engine warm 

There are plenty of tips out there for truckers to stay warm in the winter and while these simple little things can keep truck drivers warm at night, they don’t acknowledge a customized solution for truckers who might find themselves in unique situations and extreme conditions.

When looking for a mobile heating solution, a quality product can:

  • Reduce downtime and operating costs. 
  • Positively impact your working environment
  • Acknowledge environmental challenges

Polar Mobility specializes in custom units like fuel-fired heaters that are designed to handle heavy-duty environments. Fuel-fired heating systems are insulated enclosures that are easy to install, are guaranteed to keep you warm, and saves money. 

Fuel-fired heaters for mobile heating solutions

There are 3 types of fuel-fired heaters:

  • Hydronic/Liquid Coolant – If you need to warm your engine before you get into the cab or are carrying perishable goods that need to be heated, then this is the solution for you.
  • Diesel Fuel or Gasoline for Fuel Source: This type of fuel-fired heater uses fuel from the equipment as the energy source, eliminating the need to keep your vehicle idling.
  • Air Heaters: This fuel-fired heater works like the Hydronic/Liquid Coolant system but uses air instead of liquid.

Polar Mobility’s fuel-fired heating systems are not limited to truck drivers. We provide custom solutions for a multitude of industries including mining, transportation, mechanical, construction, and military. No matter what type of harsh weather conditions and your specific application, there is a customized mobile heating solution available. 

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