Mobile Heating Units for Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Mobile Heating Units for Heavy Equipment

From highway trucks to mining equipment, if your industry operates heavy machinery in extreme conditions, you already know how crucial mobile heating units are to the success of the job. Mining, excavation, and construction are just a few of the industries that rely heavily on equipment to function correctly.

Without proper mobile heaters, companies see:

• Loss of operations
• Increased downtime
• Increased operation costs
• Decreased safety for workers
• Inefficiency and decreased productivity

Mobile heating units to keep your equipment running smoothly

Mobile heaters are used in extreme weather conditions to ensure the safety of workers and that equipment can continue to run smoothly. Quality mobile heating units keep heavy equipment working by:

• Providing external circulation heaters to keep fluids in the machine at ideal temperatures
• Maintaining safe operational temperatures for workers
• Offering a customized solution for all industries

Why are air-quality solutions important?

Heavy-duty industries like construction and mining benefit greatly from mobile heaters. In some extreme conditions, they are critical and a non-negotiable component to ensure the safety of the workers and the efficient operation of equipment.

There are also many health risks due to the air quality that workers are consistently exposed to. Polar Mobility not only provides mobile heating units but air-quality solutions for environmental problems as well.

These mobile solutions, including equipment engines, turbos, and HVAC systems are built to:

• Provide cab comfort for operators
• Reduce workers’ exposure to harmful air particles
• Increase the air filter life for heavy-duty equipment
• Transport perishable products safely
• Reduce idling of heavy-duty vehicles
• Reduce expensive downtime
• Keep your workers happy, leading to less turnover rates, increased productivity, and less operational costs

Polar Mobility for customized solutions

While mobile heating units and air-quality solutions have the same goal, not all industries and companies are built the same. Polar Mobility’s experienced technicians can build a product that is specific to your application.

Whether you need an electric or fuel-fired unit, rooftop or back wall units, we can design and innovate a product for your industry. Contact us today and we can help you find the right solution.

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