Quality & Durability: Espar Heating Systems for Special Purpose Vehicles


Quality & Durability: Espar Heating Systems for Special Purpose Vehicles

Ambulances, fire trucks, mobile cranes, and more – specialty vehicles are society’s workhorses that keep public services and city projects going. And, of course, behind the wheel are operators whose health and safety rely on a comfortable, warm environment. The reliability of Espar heaters for special-purpose vehicles can improve productivity, reduce the risk of illness, and even protect the engine – even in the most frigid temperatures.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Espar heaters for specialty vehicles.

Advanced Design & Engineering

Espar heaters have a reputation for being some of the most reliable and efficient units for specialty vehicles, including emergency response vehicles, firetrucks, sprinter vans, garbage trucks, minibuses, coaches, school buses, defence vehicles, and street sweepers, to name a few.

Innovative German engineering provides some of the highest heat output and longest lifespan in the industry to provide warmth in even the most extreme temperatures. When you choose Espar heaters, you’re choosing the highest quality climate control systems.


Unlike built-in heaters and other pre-heater units, Espar heaters operate completely independently of the engine. This capability reduces the amount of idling, which in turn lowers fuel costs, reduces emissions, and protects the environment, all while minimizing wear on the engine.

Furthermore, Espar heaters ensure that the cab is heated perfectly for workers, which helps maintain compliance with work safety regulations.

Comfort and Safety for Drivers and Passengers

In extreme temperatures, the last thing that drivers and passengers want to do is sit in a freezing cab waiting for the vehicle to warm up and the frost on windows to melt. And when you’re dealing with an emergency situation, emergency responders have little time to wait.

Espar heaters can continue to run while the engine is turned off and can be controlled remotely. Some units have an automatic shutdown when the coolant reaches a certain temperature, while others shut down automatically after a certain time. This ensures that cabs are always pre-heated, even in the most frigid of temperatures, during and in between transportation.

Heating Systems to Match Your Needs

At Polar Mobility, we supply different types of Espar heaters, including water heating (Hydronic) and air heating (Airtronic). Each unit comes with heater kits available as an OEM factory installation, or they can be retrofitted to small spaces. Regardless of the size of your specialty vehicle’s cab or how much you space you need to heat, we have a climate control solution available. Contact us to learn more.

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