5 Reasons To Choose Proheat For Your Mobile Heat Source


5 Reasons To Choose Proheat For Your Mobile Heat Source

Proheat provides mobile equipment heating solutions for off-highway equipment in construction, logging, oilfield, drilling, or mining industries as well as military applications. Proheat uses the latest technology to help keep your employees healthy and productive, providing safe and efficient heating in the most extreme environments.

Polar Mobility is an Authorized Proheat Dealer in Calgary, providing Proheat products and support nationwide. This article is all about Proheat and why you should consider the brand as your next mobile heating solution.

1. Reduces start-up engine issues in cold weather

Proheat products, such as the X45 Plus feature a preheat mode for warming up the engine and preventing critical onboard fluids from freezing. Heated coolant is circulated through an integrated pump to warm the engine block, fuel tank, hydraulic fluid, and to provide additional heat for the interior cabin.

The result is an easy cold-weather start that is more forgiving on the engine and vehicle interiors, reducing issues and improving comfort for operators.

2. Reduces maintenance costs

Proheat products maintain optimal engine temperature, which supports the emission systems while the equipment is running. This leads to fewer engine issues, lowers maintenance costs, reduced downtime and lost productivity and reduced risk of a premature breakdown.

3. New anti-freeze mode

Proheat adds a new anti-freeze mode in their latest heaters, which is designed to maintain a minimum system temperature for extended periods. When operations are shut down for the weekend or holidays and equipment is off, the anti-freeze mode works by reducing cycle on/off set points and applying a low power standby system.

The mode works by running the coolant pump every 20 minutes, which maintains the coolant temperature throughout the system at set points. When an operator activates the preheat or other modes, the anti-freeze system automatically drops out and reengages when needed. This mode is intuitive and advanced to ensure that a minimum temperature is always maintained, protecting the equipment’s critical components and further reducing maintenance costs, downtime, and breakdowns.

4. New max heat and global low-temperature features

The X45 plus features a supplemental max heat mode and a global low-temperature mode. The supplemental max heat feature is ideal when more heat is needed, such as in extreme weather conditions. The higher engine temperatures reduce emissions and resulting regens. The global low-temperature feature reduces the set points for all modes except anti-freeze, which prevents short cycling from either a small coolant loop or when the equipment requires a lower system temperature.

5. Backed by warranty

Last but certainly not least, Proheat products are backed by a parts and labour warranty. As an Authorized Proheat Dealer in Canada, Polar Mobility supports Proheat’s warranties which are offered to all of our clients who purchase a Proheat mobile equipment heater.


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