A Guide To Commercial Mobile Heating Solutions


A Guide To Commercial Mobile Heating Solutions

Did you know that room temperature impacts worker productivity? In a study done by the University of Chicago, employees were more likely to take a leave of absence or drop in efficiency in extremely warm weather. The same can be said for the colder months.

When you’re working on a remote site in Calgary, a commercial mobile heating solution is crucial for not only worker productivity but most importantly for their health and safety. Choosing the right unit is not cut and dry, as too big of a unit can unnecessarily drive up energy costs while too small of a unit will work too hard and experience a premature breakdown.

The different types of commercial mobile heating solutions

You want a reliable and intuitive unit that can maintain a comfortable room temperature – not too hot and not too cold. Below is a guide on the different types of mobile equipment heating solutions we carry at Polar Mobility.

  • Fuel-Fired Heaters – Most commonly used for warehouses, the manufacturing industry, military sites and equipment, and mobile transportations units. Fuel-fired units transfer heat through the combustion of fuel and heating fluids contained in coils.
  • Fuel-Fired Heat Exchangers – Commonly used in petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants, and more to increase the efficiency of engines and machines. These types of exchangers allow heat from a fluid to ‘exchange’ to another fluid without mixing together.
  • Glycol to Air Heat Exchangers – These types of heat exchangers uses a similar process as fuel-fired heat exchangers The difference is that glycol is used to protect fluid from freezing for applications with outdoor piping, such as ground source heat pumps and hydronic systems. Glycol can also have anti-corrosive additives to reduce maintenance costs.
  • AC Electric Heaters – Typically used for hazardous locations and diesel or gas engines, electric heaters can maintain a steady temperature in the most frigid weather conditions. They can effectively store renewable energy and are engineered to work on virtually any piece of equipment, including highways trucks, mining, construction, and excavation just to name a few. You will commonly see electric heaters in temporary remote locations and portable sites.

Where to find mobile heating solutions in Calgary

Polar Mobility has everything you need to keep your job site safe and productive with HVAC solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can design, manufacture, and build a custom mobile heating solution for you.

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