The benefits of servicing your refrigerated vehicle

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The benefits of servicing your refrigerated vehicle

When you’re transporting temperature-sensitive products, the last thing you want to happen is an unexpected vehicle breakdown on the road. The slightest change in temperature can compromise goods, leading to financial loss for your customers and your business. Further, it can greatly impact your reputation. Your refrigerated vehicle is a critical asset in your daily operations, and it comes as no surprise that servicing refrigerated vehicles should be a priority. Here’s how routine maintenance and servicing can benefit your business.

Minimizes unexpected breakdowns

Generally speaking, electrical and mechanical systems are less susceptible to breakdowns when maintained properly. For example, routine service on a Kingtec refrigeration unit identifies small common issues before they become a bigger problem. With fewer unexpected breakdowns, you increase your reliability and trust with your customers. Additionally, you minimize costly downtime by simply following a scheduled maintenance program.

Prevents major costly repairs

Some common problems with refrigeration units include improper lubrication, over/under pressure, abrasion, leaks, electrical issues, and defective parts. When left undetected, minor issues can turn into major costly repairs. A preventative maintenance schedule not only helps detect these problems early on but can prevent them and keep your refrigerated vehicle running in optimal condition. When repairs are done efficiently, your investment will also last longer, and you can achieve a longer lifespan with your refrigerated vehicle.

Improves fuel efficiency

In the transportation industry, fuel consumption occupies a significant chunk of the company’s operational costs. Some refrigeration transport units use the vehicle’s engine to run the compressor, which means that if the engine lacks proper maintenance such as routine oil and filter changes, the additional load directly impacts fuel efficiency. A poorly performing engine also negatively affects the reliability of the refrigeration system, running the risk of improper temperature and compromising the quality of the products.

Tips for maintaining refrigerated vehicles

Routine servicing on your refrigerated vehicle should be done by a trained and certified technician. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your refrigerated vehicle running well.

  • Clean your vehicle regularly to remove residue, bacteria, and mold that can lead to cross-contamination
  • Follow the correct temperature requirements of the goods that you’re transporting
  • Don’t ignore minor issues, such as strange noises or the refrigeration system taking longer to cool
  • Regularly check your oil and coolant levels

Be sure to always consult with a transport refrigeration expert if you’re experiencing any issues. Sticking to a maintenance schedule protects your investment and positively impacts your bottom line.


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