Commercial Mobile Heating Solutions: Applications and Brands


Commercial Mobile Heating Solutions: Applications and Brands

As we enter the winter months in Canada, commercial mobile heating solutions become an indispensable asset for many industries. The risk for employee safety and production increases significantly when workers are exposed to freezing temperatures. For many companies, operations can’t continue without the proper heating application.

Maintaining a steady temperature for the work environment helps employees perform better, reduces their risk of serious illness and frostbite, and protects equipment and machinery from corrosion. Heating products must be the right size, type, and method to handle specific applications.

We list some of the top mobile heating solutions below along with industry-leading brands and where they are utilized.

Fuel-Fired Heaters

Fuel-fired heaters transfer heat through the combustion of fuel and heating fluids contained in coils. They are typically used for the manufacturing industry, warehouses, mobile transportation units, and any space that does not use a building’s main HVAC system.

Espar/Eberspacher is a top brand for commercial use while military applications rely on Proheat as a reliable and industry-leading name.

The 3 types of fuel-fired heaters include:

  • Hydronic/Liquid Coolant – The coolant fluid is circulated and heated for remote heating.
  • Diesel Fuel or Gasoline for Fuel Source – Uses fuel from the equipment as the energy source.
  • Air Heaters – Circulates air instead of liquid for remote heating. The air must be void of combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide for safety.

Fuel-Fired Heater Parts

Fuel-fired heaters use a complex system of components to generate heat. When a unit breaks down, one or more of these parts can be replaced or repaired to avoid replacing the entire unit or equipment, which can be costly and time-consuming. Additionally, some parts can be attached to increase the efficiency and safety of the heater.

Polar Mobility supplies and manufactures the following fuel-fired heater parts:

  • Waterproof connectors – Protects workers from electric shock when using the machinery in snowy or wet weather conditions.
  • Exhaust drains – Helps extend the life of the exhaust system on a fuel-fired heater by allowing a small amount of gas to escape.
  • Fuses – Prevents your circuits from overloading and are easily replaced when needed.
  • Testers and adapters – Tests for pressure and adapts to changes, reducing the risk of system failures or dangerous explosions.
  • Thermostats – A key component of HVAC systems that require maintaining and controlling an exact temperature range.
  • Fuel pick-up pipes – Moves heater fuel directly from the fuel tank.
  • Switches – A small but important part that allows operators to easily turn the heat on and switch it off.
  • Timers – Allow the heater to automatically turn on and shut off with a pre-set time.
  • Mufflers – Installed directly inside the exhaust system to reduce noise.
  • Mounting brackets – To mount the heater anywhere on a wall, structural steel, pipe, or an overhead structure with strong support.
  • Ducting accessories – Maintains flexibility in cold weather conditions with the ability to stretch and adjust into odd spaces on varying job sites.
  • Plumbing accessories – Simplifies plumbing and can be manufactured to a company’s specifications.

Fuel and Fluid Heat Exchangers

Fuel and fluid heat exchangers help increase the efficiency of engines and machines by allowing heat from a fluid to transfer (‘exchange’) to another fluid without mixing together.

These devices are commonly used in air conditioning, refrigeration applications, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, chemical plants, natural-gas processing plants, to name a few. They are also used in industrial mobile equipment, such as plow trucks, refuse trucks, and utility trucks. Arctic Fox is a leading brand for reliable fuel and fluid heat exchangers.

Glycol to air heat exchangers

Similar to how fuel and fluid heat exchangers work, glycol to air heat exchangers allow heat from one fluid to pass to another fluid without mixing. Glycol is used for applications with outdoor piping where there is a risk of freezing temperatures.

Some of the benefits of glycol include:

  • Freeze protection
  • HVAC system protection
  • A dirt-free system, which reduces costs for filter and filtration pump maintenance
  • Anti-corrosive additives to further reduce maintenance costs

Glycol is commonly used in hydronic systems, ground source heat pumps, and snow and ice melting systems, to name a few. Red Dot is an industry-leading brand for glycol to air heat exchangers and other commercial mobile heating solutions. Polar Mobility is a certified Red Dot dealer with technicians trained and experienced in troubleshooting and installing Red Dot parts.

AC Electric Heating

AC electric heaters are available for diesel or gas engines and hazardous location applications. Electric heaters can store renewable energy and maintain an even temperature in the most frigid of climates. These systems use reliable, industrial-grade batteries and are commonly used in portable worksites, warehouses, and temporary remote locations.

Polar Mobility is a leading supplier and manufacturer of AC electric heating units and parts with technicians who can design and manufacture systems to a company’s specific application.



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