Cool Runnings are Not Just in Jamaica!

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Cool Runnings are Not Just in Jamaica!

Whether it’s a long-haul transport vehicle or same-city food delivery truck, keeping your cargo cool on the run is important. Large refrigerated trucks operate daily throughout cities and across the country to bring perishable goods to their customers.

Do you operate a food service business or need to transport floral arrangements from point A to B in your municipal region? You need to keep things cool with reliable transportation refrigeration. So why is transport refrigeration so important?

Health and Safety

Transport vehicles carry large quantities of food and beverages over long stretches of the country. A shipment can take a few days to a week to reach its destination. Ensuring the products inside the cargo space arrive at their destination on time and intact requires a reliable refrigeration system.

Refrigeration units can be mounted inside a trailer or affixed to the exterior of a unit. These units work hard to maintain an even distribution of cooled air, protecting the cargo from spoiling. Why is maintaining the air temperature so important? Occupational Health and Safety standards require food products to be maintained at a specific temperature to ensure the safety of consumers. Products that don’t meet these requirements can cause bacterial growth and lead to health issues if these items are consumed. Put your customers first by keeping things cool, helping them stay away from foodborne illness.


Delivering perishables is not limited to food products. Products such as floral arrangements, pet foods, and certain chemicals need to be transported at cool temperatures to maintain their integrity. Smaller delivery vehicles need to be equipped with solid refrigeration units to ensure the products they carry are delivered in the freshest state possible.

When your cargo arrives at its destination on time and fresh, it helps your customers keep their costs in line. Products can go directly from the delivery truck to point of sale while eliminating any loss of capital from wasted items that were not stored correctly. Having a reliable delivery keeps operations flowing smoothly and product on the shelf where they should be instead of in the trash having spoiled from lack of proper storage.

It’s Getting Hot Out Here

Winter months can create a challenge for delivering refrigerated goods. Not only do you need to protect your products from freezing but you still need to maintain the optimum temperature to preserve freshness.

Ideally, a good transportation refrigeration system operates with outside temperatures well below zero, guaranteeing everything arrives fresh. On the other end of the thermometer, extreme summer weather can make your refrigeration system work overtime. You need to make sure all the parts from the evaporator and compressor to the condensers are operating to keep your payload protected from the elements.

So next time you think cool is just for bobsleds and skiing, think again. Being cool is important all year round!

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