How Polar Fluid Warmers Help Increase Productivity In Cold Weather


How Polar Fluid Warmers Help Increase Productivity In Cold Weather

Cold weather causes fuels and hydraulic fluids in heavy-duty equipment to thicken and become sluggish. This can cause issues like pump cavitation, blown seals, and a longer startup time. Eventually, as the equipment works harder to pump fuel and fluids, the system begins to break down and significantly reduces the lifespan of the equipment. This leads to more downtime for companies and costly repairs or replacements.

The solution? Polar Fluid Warmers, also known as hydraulic fluid and oil heaters or immersion heaters. Our hydraulic heaters can be installed into reservoirs or tanks, regardless of the size or design as they can be customized to fit.

Polar Fluid Warmers help increase a company’s productivity

Cold hydraulic fluid has a higher viscosity, which leads to inefficient flow rates and poor equipment performance. Fuels and fluids need to be maintained at the desired temperature so that they can pump more freely within the system. Without a vehicle fluid warmer, heavy-duty equipment and on-highway vehicles cannot operate at optimal levels.

Polar Fluid Warmers are designed to be directly installed in a hydraulic tank or reservoir to keep the fluids warm. The result:

  • Quicker start-up times with no need to wait for the equipment to warm up.
  • The equipment performs better with fluids being pumped efficiently.
  • Reduced risk of equipment breakdown or failure, preventing downtime and loss of productivity.
  • Helps preserve the lifespan of the equipment’s system and reduces the need for maintenance.

Industries that benefit from Polar Fluid Warmers

  • Oil and Gas – Prevents problems caused by fuel gelling in oilfields that experience harsh winter conditions. Helps keep oil and gas operations running efficiently.
  • Construction – Any construction equipment that is out of commission due to cold weather is costly. Heavy-duty and off-highway equipment need a consistent hydraulic fluid heater that can keep pace with long hours and extreme weather.
  • Material-Handling Equipment – Including manufacturing, distribution, disposal, protection of materials and goods, storage, and consumption. Polar Fluid Warmers help keep material-handling operations running smoothly.
  • On-Highway VehiclesFuel and fluid warmers prevent frozen fuel lines and tanks, protecting on-highway vehicles against cold-weather issues. Quick turnaround for Polar Fluid Warmers helps keep vehicles on the road.
  • Mining – Our fluid warmers are safe to use for mining equipment as they are explosion-proof and maintain the desired temperature for hydraulic oil, fuels, and fluids.
  • Power Generation – Including remote sites and temporary structures for medical, administrative, and employee break rooms.
  • Military – Polar Mobility was founded in 1981 to provide Research and Development assistance to the Canadian and US Military Mobile Equipment Operations in the cold Canadian Arctic. When it comes to heating solutions for military equipment, we are experts in this field.

Protect your equipment and keep your operations running

Polar Mobility’s Fluid Warmers are an essential product when you work in a cold environment. Keep hydraulic fluid, fuels, and fluids that can’t freeze at the ideal temperature and avoid loss of production. Contact us today to order Polar Fluid Warmers or inquire about a custom solution for your mobile heating needs.

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